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Frequently Asked Questions
How to start investing?
In order to start collaborating with our company it is necessary to register on the site After completing the registration you will get access Personal Account with all functions necessary to start investing
How many Personal Accounts I can create in the system?
You can create only one Personal Account. Creating multiple accounts is not allowed. To get to know about it in detail visit the section "Conditions" of the site.
What payment systems can I use when investing in your company?
You may use the following electronic payment systems: Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, AdvCash
How much can I invest at a minimum?
The minimum possible sum of investments is $10.
What is the maximum sum of investment?
There are no limitations of the maximum sum of investment.
May I create several deposits for the same investment plan?
Yes, you may. There are no restrictions.
Can I withdraw my deposit earlier?
It is impossible to withdraw the body of deposit, since the body of a deposit is a part of the sum of everyday accruals and payments in all the investment offers of our company in all the investment offers.
How to create a deposit?
Login into your Personal Account through your authentication data (using username and password, which you created at the time of registration), choose "Refill account balance" and then follow the instructions of the system. After you have refilled your balance, create a deposit.
In what section the information about my accounts is located?
All the information about your investments, earned resources is located in your Personal Account, in the section "Deposits".
If I create a cashout request at the week-end, will it be processed immediately or I will have to wait till Monday?
All payments of interest and referral remunerations are carried out immediately, on any day of the week including week-end.
Why my cashout request has been denied?
Probably you are trying to withdraw funds to your electronic payment system, which is different from the electronic payment system, in which currency they had been paid to your account. Also check if you have filled your payment details correctly, and if there is a mistake, contact "Support" of the company to correct.
What is the minimum sum I can withdraw?
The minimum sum that you may withdraw is 0.10$, the maximum sum is not limited.
Does the company charge fees for withdrawals or for account credit?
The company does not charge fees for any financial operations.
Referral system
How can I get to know information about my upline?
At the time of registration you will be able to see your upline directly in the registration form. Apart from that, you will always be able to clarify the information about the person who invited you, and also about your referral structure in your Personal Account, in the section "Ref.System".
Can I change the upline?
You can change upline only if you contact "Support" of the company.
Where is my referral link?
You can always find your referral link in your Personal Account.
Who manages the funds?
These funds are managed by a team of HYIP investment experts.
Personal Account
How can I change my wallet number?
If you have already entered the data about your payment details, after completing the registration you will not be able to change this information on your own. To change your payment details, contact "Support" of the company.
How can I change the email address?
You will not be able to change the information of your email address on your own. To change the information of your email address, contact "Support" of the company.
System of customer support service
Can I rely on your support, if I need your consultation, but I am not a registered user of your company?
Yes, you can. Fill in the corresponding form in the section "Support" and send us your request. We are always ready to provide with any advice those, who need it.
What is the time schedule of the customer support service of the company?
We work every day from 8 am till 0 pm to fully and qualitatively support on any issues, which are related to investment and investment products of the company.